How's Your Sales Resistance?


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How's your sales resistance? Have you ever bought something you didn't want because you felt bad turning the person down?

I generally have a good sales resistance but once while in New York two people were able to get me to buy their rap CD's. They came up to me about 5 times each and since they were only $10 each I decided to just do it. The funny thing is I don't really listen to rap and I haven't listened to those CD's since buying them.

But honestly they were actually pretty decent sounding (they let me sample them on headphones then and there). I don't really regret it, I just find it funny looking back.

I'd say 9 times out of 10 I can resist a sales pitch. That 10th time though, I need to watch out and hope it's something cheap. :-/


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I can resist if the product they are trying to sell me is something I don't want or that doesn't interest me, but otherwise i'm likely to give and and buy it.


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I have a pretty good resistance. But if you look really sad or desperate, I might give in. If you are some person at a mall, I'm better at saying no. But if you are a homeless person selling trinkets to get by? I feel awful saying no.

It just depends.
The sooner you can get away from them, the easier it is to resist. I try really hard to ignore them or just smile/say no when I'm walking past, because once they start talking to me I'm usually standing there for half an hour or something and it's a waste of both our time. 9.9/10 I'll be able to say no. I'm not very strong willed in general, but if it's something I really don't need, I can be stubborn :) And the vast majority of the time, I don't need or want it.


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Lol, well that was my problem. The getting away from them part. In this particular circumstance I was staying in the same spot for pretty much the entire day. It wasn't just a fun trip and after the 4th or 5th time they came up to me I decided I better just buy it since they seemed to realize I wasn't going anywhere for a while. These were two separate people that I caved into.


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I don't think I've ever given in to people that do that. Haha. I usually just ignore them, or if they talk to me I say "No Thanks" and scurry away. It bothers me when they try so hard to sell stuff. Makes me want to buy the product even less.
I'm pretty much like everyone else, it depends entirely on the items being sold. So let's say someone is selling an Xbox 360 for a 100 bucks cheaper, if I have the money, I'm screwed. However, if they are selling some necklace for 80% off I'd probably still ignore it.'

I'm pretty good at ignoring sale's pitches, I'm highly skeptical about them anyway, especially on TV or internet. People on the street really don't bug me, if it's something that catches my eye, then I actually might give the seller a chance to persuade me, otherwise I'll just keep on going.


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Most of the time I'm able to resist.
It's easiest if you just ignore them.
One time my husband and I were chatting to someone about his cd, then my husband felt bad about not buying it, so he did.


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I never give in to people selling stuff. Granted, it hasn't happened to me alot, but I can still resist buying things.


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How's your sales resistance? Have you ever bought something you didn't want because you felt bad turning the person down?
I've done this several times (and regret!). I'm too nice. There are times I'm the opposite...not only do I turn down but I do it rudely (or maybe I feel rude for turning the offer down?).