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Advice howdy...


Registered Member
... howdy everyone... sort of don't know what i'm doing yet...haven't been on a forum since high school... if any one could point me in the direction of a good place to either A. rant, B. talk about movies or C. just discuss life in general... I would greatly appreciate it... hope everyone is having a freaking awesome day...night...whatever it is in your part of the world... :D


Free Spirit
Staff member
Welcome to GF spacemonkey. You might try General Discussion for life in general and Entertainment for the movies.


Registered Member
Welcome, SM! Nice to have you here! Dive right in and you'll see the myriad of threads and topics that GF has for you. You'll fit right in, I'm sure!


Registered Member
cheers for the greetings and salutations... and thanks for the info... this place is a bit overwhelming for a Luddite at first...


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Hello there!

Welcome to General Forum, make sure you stick around for a while to fully enjoy the services we offer.


Welcome Spacemonkey! Yay! More people to talk about movies.


Registered Member
Hey, Monkey, welcome aboard! Seen a few of your threads around already and it looks like you're fitting in pretty well, but I thought I'd drop in here and say hi properly. Enjoy your stay here -- GF's a great place to be. :D
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