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Evening all!
My name is Nick, I'm in my mid twenties and I'm a Geography PhD student in London, England. Hope that the summer is treating you all well those of you in the northern hemisphere, and that for those in the southern hemisphere that your winter is enjoyable rather than cold, wet and horrible :)

Best Wishes

Nick :batman:


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Weather's been ok across the channel. I wish it was springtime though.


Living in Ikoria
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Welcome, Nick! I know of a geography enthusiast here on the forum that will enjoy your contributions, lol. What kind of hobbies/interests do you have when you're not working on your studies?


ohey Nick!

We just took a picture together, remember ?? Unity knows what I'm talking about :p



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Amazing weather in Australia at the moment, considering it's winter. 17 degrees max. That's your summer, right? ;)

Welcome to General Forum.


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Welcome to GF! :D It's been 38-44*C (100-112*F) here since mid June. Even the weeds died, lol!


Sally Twit
Yay! Another Brit! Keep 'em coming.

Welcome to GF.

I like London but I couldn't live there. It's far too busy for me.


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Welcome to GF. I'm enjoying your posts.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

In response to questions:
17 degrees is plenty warm enough for me most of the time, much prefer cooler weather unless I am near a 'swimmable' beach or swimming pool

Outside of studies I like to read in particular non-fiction (histories of European (UK and Continental) Witchcraft stemming from my undergrad dissertation, geopolitics, Victorian social deviance, philosophy) and comic books (Batman, Secret Six, Justice League, anything with Dick Grayson in).

I'm into football (soccer for those inclined to use the term) and enjoy sitting down and watching games when I can, and thanks to my teams (West Ham, my team through geography of birthplace) relegation I'll be able to watch them on terrestrial tv every now and then for a change it would seem on the BBC, which will be nice. I like fossil hunting and am on holiday on the Isle of Wight next week so will have ample opportunity to have a look and see what bits of dinosaur etc I can add to the collection.

Hope this day is finding you all well

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