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Hello all,

I'm smilin' cause I am a happy person. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife & daughter and a career that I truly enjoy.

I've joined at the suggestion of a friend (with whom I frequently disagree) so that we don't have to debate devisive issues on Facebook. A great suggestion, I might add.

You may find me agressive. But I hope that you will understand that, while we may disagree, I don't take it personally and I do my best to not be judgemental.

A quote that I like but I'm to lazy to properly attribute:
"Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him" (not to be sexist, as that means all of mankind to me)

I look forward to our journey together towards a better understanding of each other.

All the best,


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Welcome to the forums.

Other then debating, what else do you like doing? Do you like sports? movies? Anything else you can think of.


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I'm glad you joined (I think :shifteyes: )

We like to have fun around here, too; it's not all mature discussion. In fact most of it is decidedly immature.


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Other then debating, what else do you like doing? Do you like sports? movies? Anything else you can think of.
Hi Big Bob,

I like spending time with my family, my job as a sales rep, and have many interests that I don't really have time for...

I enjoy the outdoors and activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, shooting guns. As you can see from my picture I like guns a lot. I grew up shooting, learning my love for it a the rifle range at boy scout camp. As a teenager I shot on a trap team, in high school on the rifle team, and now that I can afford it, I'm getting back into shooting sports and hunting.

I also like motorsports, mostly motorcycle roadracing but I'm somewhat interested in all types of racing & I'm fierce on the go-kart track ;^)

I like football quite a bit, and other sports where guys knock each other down.

I enjoy food and drink, love a great steak or Italian food and a nice glass of red wine (although I'm no wine snob and know little about it) or a nice hoppy beer. A delicious bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and mayo is great and who doesn't love pizza!

I enjoy political discourse, except when reduced to tit-for-tat and name calling. I would much prefer a discussion about how we can make it better instead of my side is better than your side.

Hope that sheds some light.

Best regards,
Welcome to the forum! I love Jeanie. And you love Jeanie. So lets love each other. :D lol
Not so sure I "LOVE" Jeanie, but I like her a lot. So maybe we can be in like with each other ;^)
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Welcome to the forums SS, you seem like to be a chatty fellow which is a great thing. I'm the local drunk and sports fan here at General Forum. If you don't believe me just ask around people around here know me fairly well.

Other then that buddy, enjoy yourself and I'll see you around.