howdy folks

hey now

my name is tommy and i'm a relic beatnik/hippie artist born in chicago living in austin, texas since 1999. tommy tooter is my stage name --- i'm a flute and saxophone playing clown. i also make jewelry and make my living on streets, at flea markets, street fairs and music festival. if the economy weren't so soft right now, i'd also be doing intelligent systems hardware integrations, component acquisition, assembly, activation, maintenance and repair (that's a not-so subtle hint)

believe it or not, i've been using internet chat forums since the mid-1980's.

in recent years, i've had a tough time finding an online community that isn't dominated by hateful trolls. i'm here to share friendly chit chat about just about anything and reasonably serious discussions on current events, religion and politics. this is my sport --- i quit watching television about the time i started doing this.

i can be a good friend, but if you try to make me your enemy, it won't work. homey don't play dat game. i won't even respond to disrespectful toads.

happy day

peace :hat:


"Expect the unexpected"
Howdy Tommy! Welcome to GF! This is where you need to be........great discussions and interesting people to interact with! Stick around......see for yourself........
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It's not me, it's you.
Ohai. Welcome fellow Texan. This site is well moderated and we only have one or two trolls disguised as contributing members.
Ahoy there tommy tooter. I've never said ahoy in my life and I probably never will again but it seems to fit your name somehow so there we go.

Do you literally dress as a clown whilst playing? If so; pics. If not; dew it.

Welcome to GF. I think you'll like it. :)