Howard Denies Calling Timeout Twice, Erupts On Reporter



In a post-game interview with ESPN, a heated Josh Howard denied calling timeout twice before refs charged the team with their final timeout, potentially costing them the game.

"If that's what he's saying, that's what he's saying. I know I didn't call a timeout twice. I didn't even say nothing to anyone. I just made a sign like that." [Howard places his hands in the shape of a 'T'] - Howard told ESPN's Daily Dime.

Howard eventually lost his cool and erupted on the reporter.

"What am I saying to you right now, dog? Please, don't come off on me right now because I'm going to come off on you, and I'm not in a great mood right now. Get out of my face, man. Get out of my face."
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A Darker Knight
I would be angry at myself too. can't blame him. That was a very costly mistake in a very important game. better keep his cool before he gets suspended too 0_o


Aw, Here It Goes!
I agree with oxyMORON he is mad at himself and would problably snap on anyone, but if yells at reporters I dont think he would get suspened maybe fined.


After an interview after the game, Howard was close to tears. Shows how much it mean't to him.


that mistake that howard did might of turned the whole championship around. maybe dallas wouldve won.