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How YouTube saved me


Registered Member
Back in the Spring of 2001 after a lot of the good shows--cartoons in particular-- started to go off the air, I started to lose interest in television:cry:, I even got angry.:rant:

But in the Summer of 2006, my sister introduced me to YouTube, which very much had every show, movie, and cartoon from past to present.:lick: Man, it even showed commercials from the past! :D There were a lot of stuff that I hadn't seen in over a decade, including my personal favorite Canadian cartoon, The Raccoons. :D


Sally Twit
I agree. I've been able to watch shows on there I never thought I'd see again. Youtube is a great way to relive your childhood memories.


yellow 4!
I love YouTube. I watch it way, way, way, more than TV. About 99% more.

Don't really watch tv shows on there though. More like vloggers and baking youtubers etc. But I agree, it is so cool how all the old nostalgic stuff can be found there.


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I enjoy watching Youtube, but frequently can't find the shows I want, or they're poor quality and/or broken up into too many segments. I don't tend to surf around aimlessly on Youtube. Just too many things I don't want to watch.

My main use for Youtube is actually listening to music. I basically use it instead of radio/CDs/etc


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I am with Wade on this, too many TV shows/movies are broken in pieces and it's just a hassle waiting for them to load whereas it would be great to put one whole movie up there and while I am watching it, the rest of it loads. I don't even use YouTube as much as I used to, it just doesn't interest me anymore.


It's not me, it's you.
I wish I had more time for Youtube. I need to catch up on My Drunk Kitchen. I love that show. I also have a friend that uploads his own videos, so I really should watch those too. Maybe someday, when I have less things to do.

Like the previous 2 posts, right now I use it mostly to listen to music, but only when I'm doing something else. And usually I don't watch it, I just have it on while I'm doing something else, mostly at work.