How You Were Brought Up


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Basically I was thinking about some recent posting I have done.
I believe IMO that the way you were raised parallel to how the world is today
that you will make decisions not only for yourself and your children.

So then I was thinking along the lines of generations..
My parents were raised differently then they raised me..
Their parents raised my parents different etc...

With that being said and hopefully understood correctly do you believe as far as you were
compared to the children of today..that morals are drastically changine to where it affects
you personally in someway?

In other words do children of today make decisions that affect you personally that may be way different then your parents may of instilled in you?

I have no children but for example I will say nieces and nephews compared to how
my parents raised me.. yes way big drastic changed because they don't seem to believe in family more then the ones they may be raising..
Children of today in general seem to be more selfish then maybe we were IMO..

Now if you get the idea what do you think about this?


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I do think the way children are raised has changed but not always for the worse. Today parents don't usually teach their kids to be prejudice. There was a time they did and I think in that one respect things are better.

Kids today have more things, electronics, computers, than they use to. Still I'm not sure that's a bad thing, you pretty much need a computer anymore to keep up in school. Its when the computer is allowed to raise the child and there is no parent involvement in their life it becomes bad.

Also with both parents working I think the focus has been taken off family somewhat unless the family makes a point of doing things together. Which I think is important so you kids will have a sense of family. Too many kids today are being raised in single parent households which doesn't help this either.

As each new generation is reared its naturally going to be different from the last because things change, life changes.

I does seem like some kids are more selfish than they use to be but there has always been selfish people. Its all according to how they were raised. You still hear about kids doing nice things for other people.