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How you doin?


Hell, It's about time!
I want to see how Boston and New York fair in the playoffs this year. Both teams have to make it. I don't care, screw the Rays. lol

The new stadium is real nice. I've been there a few times but, stuff is so expensive there. Ugh. *smh*

Thanks for the welcome. :)
I just didn't like that it was right in the middle of the Bronx :sick:

White guys stand out...


Registered Member
Hehe... Ignore that... She never forgave me for talking to Babe_Ruth and I never figured why. But that is of no concern to you... Or is it?
Noooope. That's way outside of anything I know here. =P

hi! Welcome,, i hope you like it her and stick around:Dyou seem pretty talkative:)
lol, thanks for the welcome. As for talkative, it just goes with the territory of liking to meet new people. :)