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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 25, 2010.

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    As you probably have heard by now Spider-Man will be getting a reboot. Now if you were charge how would you go about it?

    Here’s a few questions to start you off:

    Who would be the actor you select to portray Spider-Man?

    Who would be your main villain?

  2. icegoat63

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    The issue I had with the Spiderman series wasnt with the First one. I actually really enjoyed the first one. Dont get me wrong, as a fan of the comics there still was a lot that went on in the first one that I didnt agree with but initially I was able to stomach those to accept the concept that not all people who saw the movie would understand what was going on.

    Some things I'd change:

    -Web Shooters
    Peter Parker is a scientist/inventor. I didnt get the feel of that when I saw the first movie. I believe what made Batman Begins so good was that it explored the concept behind Bruce Wayne being a Billionaire Tinkerer. It showed him manufacturing Batarangs and other parts of his gear. To show Peter Parker in a small montage coming up with a formula (like he did in the comics) for a sticky adhesion he'd later use for his webbing would be ideal to me. Not just some random "hey I have glands that shoot web from my wrist now" scene. That was dumb in my opinion.

    Also the fact that if he had Mechanical Web Shooters would also bring the danger of running out of web fluid... which was a constant concern of his in the comics.

    -The Girl
    Ok so Parker ends up with Mary Jane, we get it... but the issue is, Mary Jane doesn't even really become a thing with Parker 'till about issue what? 200 something? So what to do what to do... Actually this is the most simple concept for me and it also answers the "Who would be your villain" question. Scrap Mary Jane for now, maybe give a no-name actor a small cameo as Mary Jane.... but scrap anything of importance with her in this movie. Comic Fans loving seeing small cameos of characters for later movies because it gives us that sense of control over the surprise. Instead of Mary Jane... Focus on Gwen Stacey.

    The downfall being that with a Movie you dont necessarily get to explore every single comic becomes difficult. However I do feel that we could embrace maybe 2-3 comics per movie and blend those concepts. ASM-121 is the one I want. And to me that really ties in a great plot. You show Peter Parker this Nerdy No-Confidence high Schooler who gets the lesson of "with Great Power comes Great Responsibility". Then show him evolving into the more confident Spiderman Version of Peter Parker, thicker stronger, less Nerdy. Introduce a Bombshell Blonde, Not Bryce Dallas Howard...she was not good looking. In the Comic I felt Gwen Stacy was one of Parkers greatest Triumphs over himself. She was the girl that everyone wanted and yet he managed to snag her, the nerdy kid from Queens. Build their relationship, show its passion..... Then have the Green Goblin Kill Her off in the Closing Scenes. :death:

    Who To Play Peter Parker

    This is the most difficult question for me. Because honestly I dont know which way I want to go. Apparently the New Reboot is gonna be a High School only version of Parker. And I dont like that because I feel its gonna really disconnect from fans that actually enjoy the comics. When I see lists of "potential Spidey's" on websites that include "Zac Efron, Michael Cera, Penn Badgley, or Daniel Radcliff".... it just turns my stomach.

    Personally my favorite Peter Parker looks like this;


    and none of the Young Acting talent I'm aware of in todays market can fill those shoes. Thats probably the most disappointing thing to me in this whole post :hah:
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    Depending on what continuity you look at, Peter and MJ have been friends and neighbors since forever. She may not have been all over him as soon as Gwen was, but it was fairly early on, IIRC.

    Nononono...! Movies that end with a blatant To Be Continued almost always flop, (and I hate that sort of ending anyway).

    One of the biggest themes with Spider-man is that he faces incredible adversity, and life just throws a ton of crap his way, but in the end he perseveres and things turn out okay.

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