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How would you improve your country?


Problematic Shitlord
Let's try to keep some of the political animosity that is so popular in these parts out, mkay?

Simple question, complex answers, what would you do if you had the power for a single day to help fix or improve your country? Personally, if I had the ability I would institute a form of universal healthcare. I think starting with something as basic as your health and making sure you have a healthy citizenry is not only good for morale but will drive down costs and end up saving us a lot of money in the long term. But my idea is not original and far from simple really.

What about you? What country are you in and how would you help improve it?


I would firstly legalise gay marriage throughout the whole nation. I would change the driving laws in my own state so that kids don't have to drive 120 hours before they get their license, and I would introduce an R18+ video game category.


not a plastic bag
There's really 2 things I'd concentrate on. The first would be education reform. Colleges needs to be cheaper, primary and secondary education needs to be wholly controlled by the states which will decrease the $$'s spent per student, doors need to be opened to private sector to create very inexpensive trade schools and all families need greater choice as to their kids education. Unfortunately, all that would take years to get going and in one day, I could do nothing more than lay out some general ideas.

So, if I had one day I would spend from morning to night rolling back regulations that prevent us from exploring and developing oil, natural gas, shale and nuclear energies.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It's been a while since there was topic of national concern here in France that I felt so wrong and passionate about. Or maybe I have just been succesfully blocking politics lately. But on a more local level (and maybe it is the same problem in other regions, given that I live in the capital), I deplore the lack of attention to making the public systems more handicapped friendly. I cannot even imagine how someone in a wheelchair manages to get around - be it public transport or admin offices. I only realised this when I have to move around with a stroller and it's a pain to have to take the stairs and carry the stroller with me to access places. So it's really not just for the handicapped but also parents with little children could benefit from it.


Sally Twit
I found out the other day that the elderly are not entitled to free walking sticks and zimmer frames. My grandma is in a lot of pain at the moment as she had bad arthritis and it's only thanks to a friend that had some spare she has some walking aids. It really frustrates me. I know it might sound like a silly thing to mention but it really bothered me.

I'd also get more buses, make them run more regularly and make them bigger.