How would you improve Raw?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Alright pretty simple question here. If you were left in charge of Raw, what would you do to make it more appealing for the Wrestling fans to actually watch Monday Night Raw?
o-- Hire back Bischoff and Heyman; put Heyman on creative and Bischoff in charge of RAW again.
o-- Stop having Triple H writing
o-- Start feuds that are fresh and interesting.
o-- Make the tag team titles worth wild again. How? By creating random tag teams to see how they play out.
o-- Don't fire obvious talent such as Kenny, Domino and Burke.
o-- Limit the amount of PPVs. This gives us more time to see the feud instead of the 4-week thing.
o-- Get rid of DiVas and have bring REAL women wrestlers back.
o-- Less whiny and cowardly heels. More ruthless and mean.
o-- Have three commentators instead of two.

That should do it... For now. =)