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How would you have reacted? Also, Axl Rose is a cunt


Problematic Shitlord
If you waited hours and hours to get into a stadium to see a band that doesn't normally tour in your country, were forced to wait another 90 minutes because the band dragged their asses and then the band decided to walk off stage because a bottle was thrown at the stage, how would you react?

YouTube - Guns n Roses O2 Dublin Sept 1st 2010 - Welcome to The Jungle - Axl Gets Bottled Off Stage

Have you ever been to a concert where things actually got out of control? Share your stories!


Son of Liberty
AC/DC refused to play in Fresno, California (my hometown) for 30 years because when they were on the rise they played at the Saroyan Theatre in 1978.... got Booed off Stage and Bon Scott had a bottle thrown at his head. Angus Young got on the Mic and Vowed never to play in our Shit-hole of a town again :hah:

it wasnt 'till 2009 during the Black ice tour that they finally came back... but either way I always laugh when I hear stories about Bands getting stuff thrown at 'em because I cant help but think "hah! My town ran off AC/DC.... wooo Go Fresno"

As far as the OP goes, I'd be pretty pissed about having such a crappy show. Especially if the tickets were expensive. In the end I probably wouldnt do much other than mad-blog like crazy and post about how shitty the band is live. I wouldnt know how to get my money back or anything so I figure the best way to hurt the band back is to just spread the word that they suck.
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lol - good video. I'm willing to forgive Axl since he's my favorite vocalist in my favorite band of all time. So, any shit he might do I'll just forgive, go home and listen to them on CD, iPod or watch a YouTube video of them live. Love that guy - for the music, not his attitude.

For the question, no, I have never experience such a thing to this degree.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
First off, I don't like that Guns n Roses always show up late, but honestly if you don't expect it before buying the tickets then you don't know much about Axl Rose. GnR are known to get on stage an 1hr and 30 minutes after their scheduled to play.

I don't see anything wrong in walking off the stage if you get a bottle thrown at you, I know it was only a plastic bottle. GnR went there to play a concert, not to get stuff thrown at them. I know the fans were mad that they were 90 minutes late, but the fans don't need to react in that fashion.


Registered Member
It's sad to see this again. I saw GnR in January of this year and they were clearly all happy to be there, especially Axl.

The Asian and Canadian shows of this leg of the Chinese Democracy tour were incredible. 2.5+ hour sets (3.5 hours in Asia), Axl sounding amazing and the current band just sounded tight as ever. Lately though, things have been getting pretty bad it seems. I guess I should be lucky I saw them early in this tour when Axl had this new found motivation.


Registered Member
I've never been to a concert were the band was late or walked off.. but I've been to one where shit got out of control for Five Finger Death Punch and All That Remains. Since now at most venues they have barricade up, during the bands playing, we the fans started to tear away the barricade. All That Remains asked us to stop because the concert directors told them if we didn't, they'd be forced to end their set. FFDP on the other hand was actually forced to stop their set. They loved how crazy we got and brought it up the 2nd time I was there to see them 2-years later.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'd have walked out and demanded a refund. No need to roit. That's just retarded.


Registered Member
Axl/GnR are notorious for being primadonnas.

I saw the stones back in the day and Iggy Pop opened. He wore a mini skirt and exposed himself throughout the set. It rained down shit being thrown at them, including a half gallon glass wine bottle. At the end of the set someone came out on stage and gave an account of all the stuff thrown at them and said thanks! Lol.


Where is my Queen?
GnR? There is no such thing as GnR! They disbanded almost 2 decades ago and then got back together and became Velvet Revolver. LOL! Axl Rose is a bitch, I would not go see his show due to his record of not showing or always being late. When you buy a ticket that has Axl in the band you know what you are getting yourself into. Oh and Chinese Democracy sucks!


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Similar stuff happened at this years Reading Festival. I decided to go watch other bands instead of wasting my time on Axl but he turned up late then too. I walked past while they were playing a song and it ended to complete silence. I think maybe there was a single clap from the crowd. GnR is over, now it's just Axl and his ego.
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