How would you get past Chuck Norris?

How would you get past Chuck Norris?

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I would cry... Then as his heart blips I would take a towel and soak up my tears, then catch him off gaurd, toss the towel over his face and commence water boarding him..... because I'm a right wing extremist like that.


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Don't you mean Bruce Lee? :D

YouTube - Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in Rome - Way of the dragon

He is the only one who could ever get past Chuck Norris.
No, I meant Jet Li. Both could get past Norris, but since Jet is still alive, I figured he'd be a better choice.

Watch the first 1:40 of this vid

YouTube - Jet Li Vs General Fujita

Then all of this video

YouTube - Awesome Fight Scene: Chen Jun vs. General Fujita

Jet Li > Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris.
I'd wax his chest until he was crying from the pain.
You'd sprain your wrist trying to remove his chest hairs...