How would you feel?


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Lets say you were at the grocery store, or out to eat and you saw someone carrying a gun in a holster on their hip openly for the world to see. How would you react? What would you do? What would you think?

The reason I ask is this is something that is legal in most states, and a lot of people do it.

Open Carry on Nightline
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Honestly, Pro, this might be one of the few areas I agree with you on.

I see no harm in someone carrying a loaded pistol safely in a holster attached to a belt.


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How would you react?What would you do?
I would not react, just keep going about my business (or most likely go and do my business elsewhere in a gun free environment).

What would you think?
That the person carrying the weapon should be a little more responsible in concealing the weapon, unless of course the weapon being in the line of sight is for a reason, then I would question the reason why it is being displayed in the manner that it is.


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I would think, oh cool, they have a gun. Then, after having Knyte inform me what kind it was, continue shopping.
How would you react?
I would be shocked at first because I've never seen anybody with a gun out in the open before besides a cop.
What would you do?
Nothing. After my initial reaction of being shocked I'll go back into normal mode telling myself that he's a responsible person that you shouldn't be scared of.


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Honestly it wouldn't bother me because I do see it around here as there are a lot of plain clothes cops and plus I see it on a daily basis at the hospital whether by our own campus police or the correctional facility guards bringing in prisoners for their appointments so maybe the next question should be how would you feel if you saw someone in handcuffs/ankle shackles because I see that a lot too and it doesn't phase me lol


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I would have no problem with it at all, as long as the people carrying the hand guns with them are responsible and only have it there for protection I'm cool. Matter of fact here in the next couple weeks I am going to go get my own concealed handgun permit, times are too rough to feel safe without one with me, I'm not going to let myself get put in a scary situation because some meth head or crackhead wants to try and rob me.


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Exactly why I'm going to the shooting range and practicing so I can take the 1 day course and get my license for concealed weapon as well.


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I'd feel a little scared because I'm not used to that sort of thing. I wouldn't do anything though. I'd just carry on about my business, but maybe hurry it up a little out of fear!