How Would You Do It?


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For those of you that don't know, I used to play in a couple bands. (Yes, bands. Not just a couple guys who can hardly play their instruments and claim to be in a 'band' to be cool. The kind of folk that plague Comanche, Texas. -My accidental creation.) We didn't get very far. We played with some pretty renown bands, but the focus of playing is to become one of those well known bands. Sure, we played music for fun, but I have aim to do it for more than a hobby. Of course, as the story goes, all of the bands I was in came to an end and we all went our own ways.

So here I am now sitting at this computer with nothing but a classical guitar and a lot of ambition. But it seems that most of the guys I used to play with are still moving forward. Every day one of them comes out with something new. Luke Phiskor, my old rhythm guitarist, released a new song on his band's myspace today and it knocked me off my feet. When I used to play in AF we made some okay stuff, but it wasn't all that great. Our vocalist really sucked! Haha. So anyways, Luke is off making music in Austin with a failed auditionee (is that a word?) Heffeh, Chase and Garrett are doing stuff in Dallas, Vance and David play together in San Marcos, and Michael is in Odessa playing his acoustic stuff. I write a lot. Hell, I play no less than 3 hours a day sitting right here in front of this computer screen. But I don't seem to be getting any better. All of those guys are so much better now than they were then, it's outrageous. And it sucks because all of these guys are in college and just doing their stuff as a hobby, but I am not in college and my only plan right now is to play music; not pursue a career in marketing, psychology, or something you would deem 'realistic.'

---Now, to the real point.

If you were a musician how would you go about making a presence? How much would you put into your work? Would you make it your job or just your pass time? What music would you play? What would you do to make it with your music?

Consider this a text based music RPG and tell me how exactly you would do everything. =D


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A buddy of mine really wants to pursue a career in music. He's a very talented musician, and him and his buddies have this band going on. I think they've just recorded a few songs not too long ago.

They also had a friend whose family was in the music business and they said it wasn't as easy as just playing gigs and distributing CDs anymore. (not that I had any idea how these things were done)

Basically he said you'd have to start a successful myspace or youtube page, which I think is hard enough in itself, and then something about getting your demos legally recognized. or else record companies won't listen to it for fear of being sued. :confused:

but I think youtube is the way to go. If you're good, your videos will spread like wildfire. Pretty soon, you'll be partners and get sponsors and stuff. Personally, I don't like music enough to make it a profession. I do enjoy playing, but mostly for my pleasure. I'll only play stuff for/with people that are closer to me.