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How would you better yourself?


Problematic Shitlord
Let's have some good ol' fashion brutal honesty.

What would you change about yourself? Basically, what do you think you need to work on to better yourself?

One of my things is being succinct. I'm rather wordy and I buried under too much explanation and language even in conversations.

I also lose motivation really, really fast. It sucks when I'm trying to reach a goal and my mind is simply not with it. I wonder how I manage to make it to work somedays :lol:

How about you? What would you fix or what are you trying to change?

Let's hug it out together.



Embrace the Suck
I'm constantly trying to improve myself. I've been doing it for years, since I was a kid. Things I do now.

1. I try and read everyday. There are days I don't because of time but I find the time to do it consistently. I read nonfiction exclusively. I read for information.

2. I try and incorporate my faith into my every day life. I find more time during the day to pray, even if it's a quick 30 second prayer.

3. I write short term goals and long term goals, I've been doing that since I was about 15. I go back and review those goals every few months or so. Sometimes I tweak them, sometimes I trash them and change them, but I stick to goal setting.

Things I need to work more on:

1. I need to show more gratitude and I make it a point to say thank you more. My secretary is the best damn secretary in the world, bar none. I say thank you more often and show her how thankful I am for all she does, and I need to spread that around more to more people.

2. I need to be more patient. I can be very impatient and it annoys the crap out of people.

3. I need to get back to my regular weight. I had been pretty good but I've gained about 20 pounds and I need to lose them. I'm about 220 right now and I need to get back to about 200. I need to stop eating so bad and stop being so lazy about exercising.


Registered Member
How would I better myself? Stop dwelling in regret. It is the one thing I'd change for sure. I grew up watching my father do it, and now look where I am. Is it his fault? Hardly. But I do have to own it, and learn to look ahead rather than to the past.


Registered Member
What would I do to better myself, a lot actually.
For starters I could do with being better around people, over the last two years or so I have got a lot better about being around crowds and not thinking its like being on the door again.I could really do with learning to relax around people I don't know that well rather than being on edge.

I could also do with gaining a little more self confidence, I was never like this when I was younger but my confidence has taken a beating over the years and after a while it was almost completely gone, I am getting better though.

Another big change that will happen is my body, since this problem with my shoulder and neck started 8 months ago I have piled on nearly a stone in weight, as soon as the surgeon gives me an all clear after the op that weight is going to be coming off and maybe a little more.


not a plastic bag
For me its not dwelling on mistakes in the past. I've made huge mistakes and my mind will gravitate towards those often. But its not just the big ones. I've found myself obsessing over minor things that I said and did 30 years ago. I mean really minor stuff. Like saying something mean to somebody when I was 8. Dwelling on the past is the #1 thing I need to work on, but I really don't know how to stop it.


Registered Member
Talking and typing. Im always thinking faster than I can talk or type and sometimes its really confusing. Also impatient. I want everything now and everything to happen now. I really needa chill and just let things happen.


Registered Member
I'm the type of person who, if someone was being unreasonable with me, it will bother me that they were that way with me, unless I stood up for myself with that person.

But if I didn't stand up for myself, it'll eat at me that I didn't.

I wish I would be less angry and annoyed with people in my past who I didn't stand up to.


Oh, poppycock.
I want to act more confident. In my head, I know I can do anything, but I still find myself constantly looking for reaffirmation from other people. I have gotten better, but it is something that I know I will have to continue making baby steps for over time.
An example of this is this week, my cooperating teacher (I'm student teaching, fyi.) asked me to explain and set up a reading program I had learned about in my education program. She really didn't know anything about it other than what she had heard in passing. I had to go through setting up forcing myself to be confident in my own decisions because they really were the final say in the matter at hand. To no fault of her own, she followed me blindly and I had to be confident in my knowledge of the information.


Registered Member
I can better myself by eating my food properly and by drinking lots of water. I always be confident and make my self better.