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How Would/Do You Spend Paypal Cash?


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Let's say you run a very NON-successful eBay store that makes a sell every now and then and you just so happen to have $50 in your account this morning when you woke up. Other than requesting a check from Paypal or using a Paypal credit card in physical life; how would you go about spending this money online? What would you do with it?

I, personally, went VIP. ;)
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I'm not allowed to take it out as money? Probably buy something on ebay with it then, haha. Yeah, I would definitely buy something online that I probably don't need.

You made a good purchase! I would have done the same in your position. Luckily I get it for free until they kick me off the staff team for being too rowdy. :coffee:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yeah, there's GF. There's also ebay again...I've bought DVDs there. And other online stores I go to now accept paypal. OR! I can just talk to a friend of mine, and let her bill me. Then I pay her but I get cash back from her, assuming her paypal acct is tied to her bank directly.


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If I had a few extra bucks in PayPal I would probably just use it towards paying for an eBay purchase down the line.

Unless we're talking about GF PayPal money, which is put into an account to pay for stuff here. :D


Son of Liberty
I have my paypal and my checking accounts linked...so really I never have any money just sorta floating around in that Paypal Limbo.

But lets say I was given a Paypal Gift Card or something... that would definitely go towards an Ebay Purchase. However I have been noticing more companies are starting to turn to Paypal as an option of payment. Still though, not enough of the ones I use do so my choice would definitely be an Ebay purchase.


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There's a CD that came out recently that I'm interested in buying (how archaic), but other than that, I'd just wait.


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If you are curious about what to do with paypal funds I can send you a bill request?!?!? lol

Alternatly, you can use the link on paypal to browse their "paypal enabled" stores. (All of them, world wide!)


"Expect the unexpected"
I would probably do the same thing you did if I were in your position. Great choice!