Movies How will Jokers(Heath Ledger)Performance be remembered??


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After reading everyones opinions/review about Batman The Dark Knight the thing that stood out the most(with obvious reasons) was Heath Ledgers acting performance as the Joker. The question I have for everyone is the following: How will is performance be remembered? In 30-50 years from now will people still talk about the is performance and go down in history as one of the best acting roles to ever be performed? Or is this just a 15 minute of fame type of deal that will pass in a few years? Please explain your answer.


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it will deffinaty last. he died because of the effort he put forth to "become" his role. thats not something tha is just gonna be forgotten in a few years. also his performance was so briliant that that alone would make it last for years.


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If it's not because the role killed him, it's his brilliant performance. Batman is a legacy that will never fade and I think Ledger will forever be a part of Batman lore for his acting.


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I hate to say it but in 50 years I expect all movies to be in 3D and maybe then some. It will be like how kids today don't like watching movies from 50 years ago. No matter how good his performance is, in 50 years I think there will be enough advancements in movie technology and formats that only those of us who grew up with movies as they are today will really be able to appreciate anything 50 years old.

Do I want him to be remembered? Yes, of course.


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I pondered a similar question after leaving the theatre. Do we give Ledger even more credit because of his eventual demise? Or would we have looked at his role the same if he was alive to watch the movie on its opening?


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IMO I would still be in aw with his performance if Heath was still alive. Here's why: When I was watching "The Joker" I honestly forgot that it was Ledger playing a character. I honestly thought "The Joker" was real, and when the actor can convince you that type of thing you know you've done your job. That's why I think he'll be remembered for decades.


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I would of given him the same acknowledgement if he was still with us today. I believe his acting performance in the movie was outstanding and it deserves all the positive feedback that he's been getting since the movie was released. If anyone is praising him more because of his demise then I believe they didn't really appreciate his performance in The Dark Knight.


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I see it topping Brandon Lee's Crow. That is always the movie that stands out to me when I think of a dead actor who had played a great final role.

It will be talked about, brought up, and mentioned for a long time to come.