TV How will 24 end? (Rumors and Possible Spoilers)


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Alright, so we don't know when the last season of 24 will be. I don't think they can keep going too many more seasons. How do you think they will end it?

This thread doesn't contain legitimate spoilers since nobody knows how the show will end or which season will be the last, BUT, if you want to avoid rumors and make up your own mind about what will happen then I highly suggest you don't read this thread.

Personally I think they are going to kill off Jack Bauer. I don't see how they could end it any other way. He is always being brought back into everything even after retiring. (He's retired or out of the picture after the end of every season for crying out loud.)

My guess is that that will kill him off in the end and that we won't realize which season is the last until that happens.

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I don't think they're going to kill Jack Bauer. There are plans to make movie franchise of 24 like Bourne or Bond ...but instead, it's Bauer. I think the film producers are just checking on public reception after season 8.


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I think Jack will be back next year, hopefully in a scaled down role. I think him and Kim moving to LA is setting up for a Season 9 in the City of Angels. I kinda hope they scale Jack's role down next year to be more believable, although the show wouldn't be as good. My hope is they develop Cole Ortiz into a main character but that won't likely happen. I wish they would have kept Ricky Schroder around, I think he could have carried the show.

What about a Season 9 plot where Jack is an assassination target for stuff he has done in the past?