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How well do you remember lyrics?


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Are you able to remember lyrics? Or do you need the song playing as you sing?

For me it depends on the type of music and the song. I also need the song playing as I attempt to sing. Tribute by Tenacious D I can sing all the way through word for word, no mumbling :D
Most of the time though I end up mumbling, singing the chorus and then going back to mumbling.


Depends on the song. Certain songs I can bust off a whole verse without anything playing in the background. Others I remember as the actual artist is singing them. Country and rock songs seem to be the easiest to remember. But I definitely have a shitton of rap verses memorized.


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Depends on how many times I've heard the song, typically I need to hear the song playing to be able to sing along with the lyrics. Some songs that I know really well, I can sing with no music, but I would probably get stuck or confused somewhere along the way. :lol:


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I'm fantastic at remembering lyrics. I just need to listen to a song 10-15 times and I'll have most of the lyrics down. If there's a song that I've listened to for a long time I can almost always remember the lyrics five or ten years down the road without ever hearing the song again.


Sally Twit
Only the songs I love, or stupidly overplayed ones on the radio. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard something awful and can't stop singing it.

I can still sing all of the old Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park stuff. Cringe!


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It depends on the song, and how much I like it. That said, even with songs I truly love I still have to try and remember the music or the beat to get the lyrics. I can't usually remember any lyrics without the music to jog my memory.


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I tend to remember lyrics more than who the singer or what the song is called. I download music and put it to play but I never know who I am listening to and it's really frustrating when I hear the song on the radio and I sing along full lyrics but got no clue who it is.


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Yeah, I can remember them ok most of the time. I just need to hear it for a few times and I've got it down.

However, these days most of the time when I listen to music, it's just background noise and I don't really pay attention that much.


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I'm terrible at picking up lyrics without actually looking them up somewhere, so I don't remember them well at all. That said, I'm definitely more into the instrumental aspect of music than I am vocals.


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When it comes to country music I have a thing for being able to remember the lyrics but any other genre and I can't. It also depends on how much I listen to the song.