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How well do you know your fellow GF'ers?


Sally Twit
Two questions!

Who would you like to get to know better on GF?
Who do you know the best on GF?

I would like to get to know ginock better. I've been speaking to him most days since we played together on the XBOX for the first time and he seems like a really nice guy.

I feel I know Jeanie the best. I speak to a lot of members and have close friendships with them all but she is the one who has opened up to me the most.
Smelnick/Echoes would be a close second but they won't open up to me as easily.
Tucker is another member who I know quite well but there are still some things about him that remain a mystery.

I know Nixola doesn't post on here any more but she's still a member to me. Since we met in person we have gotten really close and she will always talk to me about anything and everything. I know I can trust her.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
A lot of members know about me since I'm an open book and tell everyone my stories, especially members that are in the GF BBM group.

I know this might not come to a surprise to anyone, but I would like to get to know Elana better. No, not just because I want to get bizzy with her, I just feel me and her would get along great.

A member that I know a lot of is Ysabel, we chat a lot on BBM. Another member that I feel that I know a lot of is Jeanie, but I would like to know more. I still believe one day we'll meet and have a nice chat face to face while enjoying a few pints. I would like to do the same with Millz and Unity since we have a lot in common.


Registered Member
I am intrigued by Wade, Dekz, Smel, CO, Swift, Steg, Kibi, Curious, Dabs, Ysabel, Merc, ginock, Babe Ruth, Unity, Echos, Pretzel, and probably a handful of others. It takes time, and I will probably never get complete satisfaction, but that's the net for ya.


Creeping On You
I never really have desires to know more about people. As far as friends go, I learn what I learn as I converse with them, but I don't really care HOW much I know. Obviously there are certain details that are good to know about their life, so as to make less social faux pas when talking, but otherwise, I prefer to just get to know people as I go.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Since getting the blackberry there have been some members I've gotten to know a lot better, which is nice. There are two people on here that know me the best, Unity and Rebecca and they are the two that I know the most about as well.

I do feel like sometimes I have a problem opening up a lot of time except with certain people. I don't know why I don't share as much as others or why I only share things with certain people; just one of those things I suppose.


rainbow 11!
I think I know Lauren the best, of course. I always have trouble reading other people and judging reactions, but Lauren and I eerily similar, so it makes it easy to know what to expect.

There really aren't any members that I want to get to know better, I feel like I know everyone here pretty well so far.


Son of Liberty
I'd like to get to know shelgarr better, she's pretty cool. As far as friends that already have that I would still like to get to know better would be SS, MIT and Snap. All three I consider good people who can be counted on but I'd still like to get to know better. Swift too, the guy is pretty awesome.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've known Steve for over a decade and we've been good friends for most of that time. Needless to say I know him the best.

I'd like to get to know Millz, Unity, Babe Ruth, Smelnick, Impact, Swiftstrike, and Bliss better. Sorry, I know that's a long list. But I consider all of them to be friends and I feel like I don't know much about them.


Babeasaurus Sex
I have a few people I feel I know really well.

I don't feel like I need to know anyone better. My view on friendships and relationships is that they take time and effort and i'm willing to put that in with anyone on this forum.

I like to think people always know where I am. :)


still nobody's bitch
I'd like to get to know ginock better. He's made me laugh a few times already on FACEbook.

I know a lot of members quite well, it would be really hard to say who I know the best. Amy and ysabel are definitely up there, but I knew ysabel quite well before she even joined here. ditto for qb. but there are a few others I know pretty well.