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How well do you know Mary Lou?


I ♥ Haters
I'm too lazy to think up questions. Just tell me how well you know her and get outta here.


Creeping On You
I met her at the bar and we had a one night stand. Just one night stand, it's all the furniture store had in stock. We were supposed go back for the other last week, but she disappeared and broke my heart.


I ♥ Haters
I'm not sure why I read that in Morgan Freeman's voice.


Where is my Queen?
She was a dream come true. But like all good dreams, they end. Millz took her away from us and one day I will get retribution. Millz is being shady like Lex Luthor. MaryLou was my Lana Lang and it wasn't meant to be. But it is time to move on and find my Lois Lane.


Registered Member
Very well. I used to sit on her for hours watching tv and playing video games. Sometimes I would just collapse between her arms and fall asleep. And she was soooo easy to clean. :nod: When my coke can spewed all over her, I grabbed some carpet cleaner and a mop and wow, she was like new again! But mom took her outside and beat her with a broom. That's when the legs broke. I tried to find another one but the name on the tag was only the manufacturer. I'll never find another recliner as great as Mary Lou. :(
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