How was your summer??


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With school starting for a lot of people and fall on it's way I was wondering how everyones summer was??


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My Summer was amazing, lots of memories, lots of drinking and lots of fun. Every summer it seems it gets better and better. I went on a few trips and there were simply amazing. IT sucks that summer is almost done, it's suppose to be another brutal winter here in Canada, so I am not looking forward for that.
Summer never really arrived in England. Bloody horrid weather. Still had a nice time though. We didn't get to go on holiday this year but I've made quite a few new friends this season that I'm thankful for. I'm off to see Lee Evans with a couple on Tuesday - can't wait! Hope to be on a plane to paradise next year though.

Hope you all enjoyed yours. :nod:


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It was the longest summer ever (starting like the first day of May), and I was so ready for it to be over.

But overall it wasn't bad in itself. Towards the beginning I found out that my best friend will accept me no matters what, and yeah she is my best friend... Forever... hopefully. I couldn't bare the thought of losing her right now. :cry:

Than summer classes started. They weren't bad at all.

During my days I was off I spent a lot of them with my friends, so it was fun.


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My summer has been okay, nothing great. I finished Uni all the way back in May and I have until October before I go back.

I bought a new dog so he has been keeping my time occupied. My sister who I had not seen for 2 years came back to the country to get married & it was nice seeing her and the family.

Unlike most students, I have not done any real work or got myself I job, plenty of time for that when I have to, for now I'll be a student:)tt2:to all you workers). I have volunteered at my fathers business a bit to help pass the time. He deals in babywear....for a grown man I know far to much about little girls dresses:-o

At home I have been trying to master the art of low poly modelling for a future games title I'm working on. I have also been slowly trying to complete COD4 on veteran:gunsmilie:

Weather wise, other than the hours of daylight, this summer was remarkably a lot like last winter; wet, windy & overcast:cry:


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Summer went by too fast, and too adult-like (working a job in an office, blah) I guess that is what happens when you grow up though =(


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It's winter in winter in Australia but I spent my summer in Serbia rofl.

It was good, sometimes the weather got too hot but it was overrally pretty exciting time. I had lots of fun.


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I'm not ready for summer to end until next week, but it's been decent so far. I'm looking forward to some beautiful fall weather.