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How was your day?



Hey the sun is out! It it is warming up. I go in for my phsical today and baseball has been great. More good news my friend called me last night and apoligized to me. <D I'm happy. Also we went ministering to people with myy youth group which was fun, we had a great time doing a door to door service.


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My day has been okay so far kinda of tired. Watching the yankess vs the astros lol.


Thursday 16th(yesterday), not so good, work was so busy and I almost had to say longer because one the co-workers called in sick. It was busy because when customers here of possible snow storms they hurry on over to the grocery store and buy everything they can(not all but some). My evening got better when I was home. Before leaving work I bought the two water refils that my mother wanted me to get and some St. Patricks Day stuff though there wasn't much left. Oh well, I was able to leave about 6:40ish(when I was suppose to leave at 6:30, no too bad). I went home and had baked Spagettie/bosco stick(was a must since I am not fond of left overs, they just don't taste the same), and milk. I watched Fantastic Four(awesome movie), and I also checked out some of the music videos for the OST. I get that some time. And I worked on my story for my creative writing class.

17th-St. Patricks Day!-Today hasn't really started since it's only 8:49am. But I am all dressed and ready to go to curves in my black w/ white stripes and the side running painds, green t-shirts, and my sweat shirt that says when Irish eyes are smiling they are always up to something. After I come home, I probably attempt little homework. I have work today which I am not looking forward to much. But I don't have any classes on Friday, so the day is pretty much mine(somewhat).


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Oh shit, it is St. Patty's day and here I am, an Irish guy with no booze! Damn, I gotta get going.


Happy St Patty's Day! I'm wearing this huge clover necklace it's sweet! Hey I'm scothish does that count? But I had a long night last night. I went to see a play since my sister won free tickets to the local dinner theater. It was "Annie Get Your Gun". I was dead tried, it lasted for some 4 hours or so. (sings) "anything you can do, I can do better..." :)


MY ST. PACTRICK'S DAY WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! best day of school in so long, start it off with a rock star, 4 out of 8 classes had subs. (HEAVEN!!) and no work/movies all day!!!! and now i got a date for tonight, it couldnt get much better