How Useless

Did Tien, Krilling, yamcha and Piccolo become in DBz.

Tien was a World Martial Arts champion, Krillin wasn't so bad, yamcha was the first to pull of the Kamehemeha beam. Piccollo was the most destructive bad guy ever.

They all became pretty lame in DBZ.

Your thoughts?


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I agree. Not to mention the fact that most of the people you just listed spent a good year or so sitting on a miniature planet (dead), and not even doing ANYTHING to speak of in the show.

Piccolo had his time back in the spotlight for a bit on Namek and during the cell games.


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Tien- he was basically a guy that ripped up Nappas armor a little bit and got his hand cut off, he could also grow 4 arms.

Krillin- after he was killed by Frieza he was pretty much done he really never did much to speak of.

Yamcha- not much to say here, he was killed in the show twice and both of his deaths were retarded oen by the stupid green cyba men and another by an android sucking out his energy.

Piccolo- stayed pretty constantly throughout the show, he had plenty of glory moments, the perfect backup character for any show.

The show really drifted away into the Saiyans becoming the only ones who could fight. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks.


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Yup, they just became toys for the new villain while Goku (for various reasons) couldn't make it there at the start.

On a slightly unrelated note - Krillen growing hair....... lame!


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Wow I just read my post and it made no sense.... what I meant is that piccolo was a big deal until the cell games because fused with nail then kami and he was pretty powerful those times.