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How Upsetting


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helpisontheway said:
Yes I do like John Edward as well...

I wanted to see him in Buffalo that was the closest place he was going to be me about 2 years ago. Tickets were sold out the first day. I was disappointed. And now they don't carry his show here in Canada anymore. I haven't been able to find it at all.

I like Silvia Brownes books... not so much her on the show but I have read a book about family members who have passed but still are present in the home. Alot of things she said made sense. I hate when she scares people into going to the hospital to get things checked out. Or when she starts naming names about people who have passed while someone is talking about their goat. I heard many times John wouldn't be able to do a show because he couldn't connect with anything and would refund people the money to the show. I think he uses someone in his family who passed to start the connection. Or some spirits start jumping up and down in front of him and say pick me. pick me.
I believe him sooooo much. Just some of the things he's said... weird crap like you couldn't possibly know in a million years.

he used to be on here every night on sci fi, but he's not on anymore. I have no idea why. I'd like to see him, but I have no one that I really want to get in contact with, or feel a need to. So, I'd rather just let someone who *needs* to see him get my seat.

I DID go to school with a guy, I always had major warmies for him. Shortly after we graduated, he was killed in a car accident. I bet I think of him at least once a week... no idea why!


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Yes that's what I thought about the postcard as well... that the crying was the mother. And I think when I bought it I was about 17. Which could make me the age of the sons. I also have a Hungarian background where my father fled WITH Germans from the Hungarian revolution. But my grandfather passed away while helping rescue people from Nazi camps. My dad was still alive when I bought the postcard and he passed away in 99... I attempted to sell it in 2001.


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Just went to John edwards site. He's going to be in KC TOMORROW. *sigh*.

Oh well!! lol

Hey Tania..

How close are you to Toronto? (trying to do geography in my head). He's going to be there in july and there's still tickets available. I'd take the picture with me and not tell him I had it :)

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helpisontheway said:
The antique items in the home may very well be the trigger.

Often times spirits come to children as they are easier to get attention of. It could be a woman spirit who feels attached to your son.
It could also be a young child as well who can relate to him. Your son is obviously too young to understand that 'death' sometimes doesn't mean an end.

I had in my home an old picture of people I had no clue who they were. It was of a German family. I liked the picture because it showed the family saying good bye to their sons who were off to work with Hitler (don't know how else to say it they had Nazi symbols on their coats). They had no choice back then. The picture was basically a postcard sent to the mother. It was from one of her sons. It expressed how scared he was that his brother had died and that he was injured and did not know if he would live or not and he wanted to say he missed her.

I found this at a thrift store in a frame. I was curious so I removed the picture to see what the back said.

This picture would never stay put on the wall. It would fall down, it would tilt. The glass cracked while on the wall. I took pictures of it when I first started interest in orbs and sure enough the picture was so blurry with white film you coudn't see a thing.

I sold the picture in a garage sale. A few weeks later the lady came back with the picture and said she didn't want it. She told me that it kept falling off the wall. She heard noises in the house of a woman crying. I never told her my experiences when she bought it ... all I said to her was... well isn't that just strange... I said ok i'll take it back. Forgeting how much she paid, I asked if she wanted the money back... she said no...
I still have the picture. It is still hanging up... since it came back home it hasn't moved an inch. I haven't heard noises or anything.

It seems as though it missed me. Spirits can come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes... you can't disturb them.

The lady who is on Montel all the time... i forget her name... Silvia Browne or something... she has tons of books out... I would check them out. She has them about spirits and children... Worth checking it out...
Your postcard story reminds me of my mom's story. The same thing happened to her. My uncle who passed away when he was 5 years old due to throwing a aresol (sp?) can in the neighbors fire died. The can exploded and a chunk of metal went in his throat. My Grandma had a nervous break down at the time. She decided to hang up a huge picture of him on the wall. My mom would go to my Grandma's house and just stare at the picture. The picture would fall, tilt etc....At first my Grandma was upset with my Mother thinking she was doing this deliberately. Then my Grandma realized my Mom was not. Obviously there was a spirit there.


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Lana, I'm about a half hour from Toronto... I'm gonna check to see about the tickets... I'm more then willing to go to this one...


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some of his shows are $175. OW. And some are $59... reasonable. I wish I'd have known about the KC thing, I might have actually tried.

good luck on getting tickets. I'd love to know if he reads ya!


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I can't afford the tickets right now and even the cheap ones are not in the gallery for him to read people.

I know I have an older woman watching over me. When I was 13 I was in a mid sleep. I woke up and at the edge of my bed was a woman in a black robe, blue light sort of and she was holding a rosary. I am not sure if I was alseep or awake when I saw this. But when I woke up I asked my mom what something meant. I don't know how to speak any of my heritage languages so my mom was a bit shocked that I pronounced everything properly. She said it was an orthodox prayer of Mary asking for a blessing for her child. Much like the Our Father.

2 weeks later we got a telegram from the Ukraine that my grandmother passed away IN church from a heart attack. The date of the telegram was around the time of my dream. I think it was my grandmother whom I never met who came to me.

With my dad being passed away I strongly feel he is in the house. I see shadows sometimes like a person is walking past a room. Lights flicker. I can hear his laugh sometimes. Like when something funny is on TV I can imagine his voice but it is too clear to be like a dream. I have a picture of him when he was about 18. He looked like Sinatra or Dean Martin in it... the picture seems to be brighter to me somedays then others. Also near the bedrooms upstairs sometimes it's cold in the hallway other times it's very warm. It seems like someone might be right beside you when it is warm.
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