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Discussion in 'Ideas & Support' started by Spunkie1283, May 20, 2005.

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    My two auctions are flops, but there is people copying my auctions! It really upsets me because not only it was my idea, but I am going through a very rough time right now and the listing fees cost me a bundle. :( OK I am I done venting for now.......


  2. fairyquadmother

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    I have a similar pic up (at the tower of london). I hope you don't think I'm copying you. I never even researched to see if anyone had something similar, and I talked about listing here a couple weeks ago.

    Sorry if it's me and I've offended you.

  3. coupleacudanuts

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    Hang in there.....All you need to do is......Be patient......&......Keep
    pluging away..............GOOD LUCK.........................
  4. Spunkie1283

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    Oh no its not you. LOL! I like your ghost pic btw. :)
  5. fairyquadmother

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    OK good. Yours are really interesting. If you read my story, you should do as I did in the story. The chick I talked to about it, basically told me that they have to do what you tell them too. BUT, if it's a guardian spirit, that's a whole other thing. Personally, I don't think it would be scaring him if it was. If it's evil, well, sometimes they don't do what you ask them to do, and I would seek professional help.

    Your son may just have a "gift".... which I believe to be hereditary. Do you or your husband ever see/hear/feel things? It may just be that they are really attracted to your son if he has a gift.

    Has there been a lot of upheavel in your son's life recently? Would you happen to be pregnant? I hear a lot of women when they are pregnant (OK, when I say alot, I mean more than "normal") start to notice stuff going on in their house. I did when I was pg with the youngest. I mean every day!



    reading your auction again, and I thought of some other stuff.

    If it's more of a guardian spirit than a ghost, you may be stuck with it no matter where you go. you should probably seek out a parapsychologist to help determine if it's your son, a haunting of your son, haunting of the location, or just an imprint on your home from past events.

    I'm still betting that it's your son. With his autism, it may be difficult for him to understand, so he's frightened when he probably shouldn't be. Also, the fact that he HAS autism (I missed that before) may be in part what is causing the "haunting" itself (read above where I talked about tramatic events).
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  6. Spunkie1283

    Spunkie1283 Registered Member

    This ghost makes it hard to live here. He does keep my son up all night. It puts a toll on my family because I am raising 3 small kids without sleep. I was pregnant when most of these pictures were taken of my son! I never would have thought that could be the reason why he showed up in a lot of pictures. My side of the family, including me have seen, heard paranormal activity. Hmmm......I am taking that women's advice to help soothe my son with this ghost. But I do not think this ghost understands very well. She also mentioned I could have stuff in this apartment that can be attracting the orb. I have a lot of antique stuff in here. But I do not think that is the case because this orb is spooking my boy only and only shows up in his pictures.
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  7. fairyquadmother

    fairyquadmother Registered Member

    I've never heard of "stuff" causing a haunting. Again, I think you're on the money, I'm sure it's your son, and with a pregnancy AND his autism, I can see how they'd be attracted to him. Plus with the history. You know how some autistic children excel in some areas, this may be an area he excels in and has no clue how to deal with it. Heck, I don't know many ADULTS that could deal with it.

    if it doesn't go away with telling it to leave, then it may be a guardian spirit that you're not going to get rid of. You may at the very least, ask it to please stay back from your son, that it/him/her is scaring your son and if he cares about him, he'll let him rest. You may also tell him that he's dead now and he needs to cross over (do all this out loud btw). Tell him that his family misses him and is waiting for him, to look for the lights around him.

    If that doesn't work, then ask him to be a guardian spirit for your son, and keep harms way away from him. You know, if your son does have a gift, and he has autism, you could be open up for lots of other really nasty crap. The spirit may be trying to protect him. I've read of homes where children were gifted, and good spirits stayed with the girl all the time because evil spirits were so attracted to her (back to the beacon of light reference). The good spirits were there to keep the evil at bay.

    If you're not noticing some crap happening in the house, then I imagine he/she is probably a good spirit, but just misunderstood (rightfully so) by your son.
  8. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    The antique items in the home may very well be the trigger.

    Often times spirits come to children as they are easier to get attention of. It could be a woman spirit who feels attached to your son.
    It could also be a young child as well who can relate to him. Your son is obviously too young to understand that 'death' sometimes doesn't mean an end.

    I had in my home an old picture of people I had no clue who they were. It was of a German family. I liked the picture because it showed the family saying good bye to their sons who were off to work with Hitler (don't know how else to say it they had Nazi symbols on their coats). They had no choice back then. The picture was basically a postcard sent to the mother. It was from one of her sons. It expressed how scared he was that his brother had died and that he was injured and did not know if he would live or not and he wanted to say he missed her.

    I found this at a thrift store in a frame. I was curious so I removed the picture to see what the back said.

    This picture would never stay put on the wall. It would fall down, it would tilt. The glass cracked while on the wall. I took pictures of it when I first started interest in orbs and sure enough the picture was so blurry with white film you coudn't see a thing.

    I sold the picture in a garage sale. A few weeks later the lady came back with the picture and said she didn't want it. She told me that it kept falling off the wall. She heard noises in the house of a woman crying. I never told her my experiences when she bought it ... all I said to her was... well isn't that just strange... I said ok i'll take it back. Forgeting how much she paid, I asked if she wanted the money back... she said no...
    I still have the picture. It is still hanging up... since it came back home it hasn't moved an inch. I haven't heard noises or anything.

    It seems as though it missed me. Spirits can come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes... you can't disturb them.

    The lady who is on Montel all the time... i forget her name... Silvia Browne or something... she has tons of books out... I would check them out. She has them about spirits and children... Worth checking it out...
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  9. fairyquadmother

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    ARGH... I'm NOT a silvia browne fan. I'm obviously not a skeptic, but I've seen her say stuff that even montel looked at her like that's not possible.

    I like John Edward. That man has given me so much peace of mind.

    You know, thinking about your postcard. I wonder if it's imprinted by the mother, since she heard a crying woman. Not that it's haunted, but just the energy imprinted on it by a grieving mother.
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  10. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    Yes I do like John Edward as well...

    I wanted to see him in Buffalo that was the closest place he was going to be me about 2 years ago. Tickets were sold out the first day. I was disappointed. And now they don't carry his show here in Canada anymore. I haven't been able to find it at all.

    I like Silvia Brownes books... not so much her on the show but I have read a book about family members who have passed but still are present in the home. Alot of things she said made sense. I hate when she scares people into going to the hospital to get things checked out. Or when she starts naming names about people who have passed while someone is talking about their goat. I heard many times John wouldn't be able to do a show because he couldn't connect with anything and would refund people the money to the show. I think he uses someone in his family who passed to start the connection. Or some spirits start jumping up and down in front of him and say pick me. pick me.

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