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How to transport a horse !


Registered Member
Can someone guess where it could be? Though car may be Italian Fiat. And note the registration number is upside down - no one object to this and transporting a horse in a car. May be it is common there !



Secret Agent
Staff member
Wow is that photoshopped? It looks pretty real....

Poor horse is getting a pretty cramped ride if it's real. And I have to say that would be pretty hard to photoshop. The top one maybe, but the bottom one would have been a lot more impressive..


Registered Member
unless they too out the whole back seat, there is no way that horse could fit in there, but I still say its a photoshopped pic


Heavy Weapons Guy
It doesn't look like it is photo shopped, but you never know anymore...

Can't be a comfortable way to ride anyway


Registered Member
OMG! poor little horse!

I think the license plate is :HC-RB3AH

Not sure though....XD


Well-Known Member
That is not the way to transport a horse, it would be a real problem for that guy if a cop pulled him over, He'd probably die instantly if he crashed, oh man, I would not want to be known as the guy that got hit in the back of the head with a horse when he crashed his car and died.