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Discuss How to stop the hatred of humanity?


New Member

Rizieq Shihab
He is the leader of the radical Islamic extremists in indonesia. the man continued to spread hatred to societies in indonesia. the purpose of its doctrine to people who are less educated and childern. his teachings hated and hostile to people of different beliefs with him. how the world will be peaceful if there are still people like that. (from indonesia, minority people)


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have never heard of this man, is he a politician?

People will have to learn there are those that preach hate to get others to react to it and no good can come of it. Unfortunately there are people like that everywhere.


aka ginger warlock
He is not a politician, I have actually looked into this person just now. He was a fundamentalist who belonged to the Islamic Defenders Front who spread hate and and insighted violence. I am unsure of what he has done but he has spent one and a half years in jail.

Muhammad Rizieq Shihab

Islamic Defenders Front

Furran, if you wish to post things like this please at least give links and information or this is simply seen as spamming.


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We can stop the hatred of humanity with education. People with higher levels of education are much less likely to be indoctrinated by radicals such as him.