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How to start a conversation with people you don't know!?


New Member
Anyone who has tips for how to start a decent conversation with people you've never met in your life?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Walk up to them, give a greeting, and attempt to find common ground.

It's really that easy.


New Member
What about people that don't try nearly as hard as you and you are stuck with that person and you absolutely hate the silence between the two of you?


Lion Rampant
Not everyone can hold their end of a lively conversation. Your best bet may be to make the absolute hatred for conversational gaps that you mentioned a little less absolute.


Well-Known Member
Walk up to them, friendly greeting and ask how their day is. If they are friendly in return, try to find common interests. If they look at you like you're a piece of shit, they probably aren't worth your time anyway.


Registered Member
A smile never goes amis - gives you a bit more confidence if they smile back, and makes you more approachable too.


That depends on the situation. I generally approach people when I really have something to ask. I start by saying hi and go on with the question, then if the talk goes on, fine. If not, then bye.


Registered Member
I'm not the best person to be offering advice on this, but I'm going to back up what the others have said. It may be formulaic to greet then ask the generic 'how are you/how's your day been etc, but chances are it will work and lead on to a proper conversation. As for the silences, well, try bringing something up at random, or ask questions that require more than a nod or a shake of their head.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Make sure you have an ice pick when you do this:

Go up to them and say "Here's an ice pick, I'm here to break the ice" Alright that's sort of corny, but in all honesty it's not all that hard. Just go up to them and say a quick hello, and ask them how they're doing today." Then look at the scenary around the both of you and try to start a conversation that way. For example, let's pretend your outside on a nice day, just say "Wow! It's a really nice day today"

Something among those things usually work.


Endangered Species
If a random person walked up to me and said "hi, how are you?" although I would not say it aloud my first instinct would be what the fuck do you want and I'd be wary of their motives.

The easiest way to talk to anybody is to ask them a non-personal question (just like you have in this thread), ask them what drink they recommend off the bar menu? or where they brought that jacket, you really like the material, what is it? or any good places to eat around here? ...people love to feel like they are experts at something and by asking a question you give them a sense of superior status which immediately makes them feel special in that they now have the power to recommend. The internet is testament to this with millions of people who offer advice, review products and places for no reason other than sharing their knowledge ...or another example of this is; have you ever asked for directions and 5 minutes later as the person is telling you every intricate detail of the neighbourhood wish you hadn't asked.