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How to setup Library Server?


New Member
I am planning to setup a Library or Archive server which ever name be it.
What is the most feasible method or solution to achieve it?
Shall I use SharePoint Server or just simply a Web Server to store all the archives for wiki, viewing, etc.
The achrives contain drawings(archiectural designs and office documents)
Users can easily access via link or map to the dedicated server.

Please advice anyone

Warmest Regards
Ernest Choofy


New Member
Yeah you could use sharepoint services, but and easier way to start would be to setup a server and then setup a share on that server so users can backup etc to this server.


Registered Member
Do you have an Xserve, something running Windows, something running Linux, something running Solaris, something running a flavor of BSD or something running something else?


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obviously your working on a more complicated program than me, but i recomend notepading it that way you can make a few personalizations not available with some other programs. plus you can embed or link the sight to the pad documement in order to use the codes.