How to properly [sunshine] up a hotel room in Minnesota


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There was a hole in the wall after we removed a napkin holder.. so we filled it.

Someone spilled some beer.

This was on our way to an Amon Amarth concert in St. Paul Minnesota the snow outside was to much to be able to see through so we stopped at this horrible fucking hotel.. we got the last room. This all started when we walked in the room and saw a 5 foot by 2 foot piece of drywall duct-taped to the ceiling...

67 Beers, half a gallon of Jack Daniels and lots of pizza and burritos.

The police gave us a 100 dollar ticket and sent us on our way.. that's never happeend and we have trashed some very fancy hotels. Anyone else got party photos? if so post em up!
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Yikes... and the hotel didn't fine you? :zomg:

I'd quit if I worked there and had to clean that up. I'd quit on the spot and go home.


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The guy that used his credit card to pay for the room got a nasty phone call but that's about it, and they won't let him back in there.