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Wii How to play single player games in multiplayer mode


Registered Member
Do you know how to play single player games (that is, games that are incompatible with multiplayer, such as island flyover in Sports Resort)?

post your ideas here!

this is how i play multiplayer (in a way) in island flyover.

connect the nunchuck to the remote. one person gets the nun-chuck, the other gets the remote. the person with the nun-chuck gets to control the gun, cut the engines and change the view (great for annoying the pilot. i do that to mum all the time. BEWARE!!! the pilot will do it back to you when you get to fly. lol). the pilot now only has to concentrate on flying. and flying only. technically not multiplayer, but it qualifies (in my mind it qualifies) as multiplayer. there are multiple people playing simultaneous, it's a form of multiplayer. one person has one job (controlling the guns), the other flying

now tell me your ideas on turning single player games into some form of multiplayer!!!!!

  1. balloon popping is only available after you pop so many balloons (i'll check how many)