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"How To" Part 1


Forum Drifter
I figured I would post up "how to" articles every now and then. This one focuses on putting an aftermarket up-pipe on a 2002 Subaru WRX. We used my friend's car, who has since crashed it. We did this in mid-December and it was cold. Anyways, on to the topic.

Tools needed:

(1) Dremel
(15) Dremel blades
(1) Phillips head screwdriver
(1) Flat head screwdriver
(1) Pair of channel locks
(1) Jack
(2) Jack stands or blocks or something that will hold a car up.
(1) Rachet set
(X) Flashlights. At least one.

Any local hardware store will have all the tools required.

Start time: 4:00pm

Begin by jacking up the car and placing a jack stand or block on each side to hold up the front. Remove the inner wheel well (held on by plastic clips. You can pop them out easily with a flat head screwdriver). Using the Dremel, remove the small heat shield that's next to the stock up-pipe.

Now prop up the hood and remove the top mount intercooler. It makes it so you can get to the turbo where the up-pipe connects. There should only be 2 bolts holding on the intercooler. Then slide off some hoses and it will come right out. Now go under the car and remove the down-pipe.

Top mount intercooler on:

Top mount intercooler off:

Removing down-pipe from turbo. 5 bolts here. 2 on top, 3 on bottom. Pretty simple though.

Here is what your pile might look like so far...

Ok, now get under the car again and loosen the two engine mounts. Then jack up the engine about 3 inches. Undo the stock up-pipe and get it out as best you can. It can be tricky because the stock one is huge (due to cat). We ended up cutting some of it to get it out.

Engine jacked up:

Old and new up-pipe. Stock is at the top, new one is on bottom. The new up-pipe is made by HKS, as is the down-pipe. The exhaust is an N-1 exhaust from the down-pipe back. No cats.

Then put in the new up-pipe (very easy. It is a lot smaller. It's also light and has zero cats).

You may have a problem when letting the engine down. It might now fit into the holes correctly. The best thing to do is to get about three people and wiggle the engine until it falls into place. It will be fine. Then tighten the engine mounts, put the down-pipe back on. Then put the intercooler back on, and the wheel well. Leave the heat shield off as it is unimportant. Trust me. Then start it up and listen for any exhaust leaks. If you hear some, they are probably due to a gasket being backwards >.< If you don't hear any, you are good to go and set off car alarms in parking lots just by idling.

End time: 1:30am
It took us so long because we had to make a couple of parts runs. We also took a break to get some food. And we had to wait on someone to show up to help wiggle the engine. We can now do this whole procedure in two hours.

This is a great aftermarket addition and adds a lot to the character of your WRX.

Difficulty: 3/10 It's fairly easy, but can get aggravating at times.