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How to migrate my C-Drive (Active/Windows) from an old HDD to a new HDD


New Member
Here is the situation - currently I have a C-Drive (PATA, Primary Master) that is 10GB (with Windows XP SP2) and this isn't enough to run my system correctly (I have been using it at 300megs free for months, just running a scan disk causes a "windows low-disk space" issue on my c-drive).
My computer specs:
- Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard (2xSATA, 1xATA 133, 2xATA 100/66/33)
- 5 HDDs in order, all are PATA (10GB, 20GB, 160GB, 60GB, 260GB)
(so these occupy 5/6 of my available PATA slots)
- 1 DVD-burner SATA (on SATA1)
So - I went out and bought a SATA-II 250GB hard disk that I want to use to replace my C-Drive (10GB) and D-Drive (20GB) [primary master & slave] as I think they are too small to keep in my system at this point...
Now this is where things get complicated ... ideally I would like to do the following:
- Backup (ghost? direct copy/paste? etc...) my C-Drive and D-Drive onto DVDs or another one of my HDDs
- Remove the physical C-Drive (10GB) and D-Drive (20GB) from my system
- Install the 250GB SATA-II drive (I'll move my DVD to SATA2 and use SATA1 for this drive)
- Break/partition my new 250GB drive into 2 parts (that will become my new C-Drive and D-Drive)
- Restore my C-Drive (THIS HAS WINDOWS XP SP2 ON IT !!!) and D-Drive onto these new partitions
Main idea is - not to need to format/re-install windows at all - would be a huge hassle that I don't want to deal with :)

- How can I accomplish this? The part that I am stuck at the most is the partitioning and restoring of my C-Drive (Windows), when I boot how will I partition the new drive, make one ACTIVE and somehow LOAD the ghosted C-drive backup (can I put it on multiple DVDs and make them bootable or something?)
- What would be the best way to "backup" these drives? Ghosting? Can this work with such LARGE drives as it would take multiple DVDs?
- Would it be a bad idea to leave the other 3 PATA drives where they are or do I have to change them PATA slots (from Secondary to Primary or just leave them on Secondary and have Primary empty)
Is any of this even do-able or am I just dreaming?
Any help, hints, or ideas would be greatly appreciated...


Registered Member
Any good drive imaging software should be able to do what you want. Your major concern will be getting the software to see your SATA drive. Probably the most direct approach would be to use something like DriveImage XML. Its not as fast as Ghost, but its free and runs under XP. As far as the other drives, I typically disconnect drives I'm not using to avoid accidental wiping the drives.


Registered Member
As recommended above, using some drive imaging software would be handy. However, if you can't get your hands on any, then the second best option imo would be to burn it onto something.