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How to make steak super tasty


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Yeah, with cheap steaks you almost need to do something extra.

I was out at a nice restaurant once with a friend and when the waitress asked if we wanted any steak sauce with our steak he replied with "I sure hope we don't need it."

I thought that was so true though. If you order a nice steak it shouldn't need anything extra on it. Cheap steaks are an entirely different story and with the right sauces, seasonings, etc they can be very good as well. (Plus they are cheaper! :D)


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Thanks for sharing that link, I've been having a blast reading all the recipes. Jaden is a very entertaining writer.:)


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I use soysauce and a dash of s/p.


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If you order a nice steak it shouldn't need anything extra on it.

So true, except I always like a bunch of garlic and spicy seasoning on my steak (adds some extra kick). I will check out that link most definetly, I've been learning how to cook more foods lately and always love reading up extra things to do/more stuff to to cook to add variety.


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I tried this an our steak came out beautifully. I'd def recommend it.


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Thanks for this link.
Seems like something interesting to try out.

"Use kosher or sea salt, not table salt <– that is important. It will not work well with tiny tiny grains of table salt. Plus, table salt tastes like shit."

Love this key point to the salting.