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  1. A better question than how to make money is how to make money without working…

    How do you think money is made?

    Money is made by applying efficient repeatability to something that is in demand… This can be cutting grass well… selling sex well, making cheeseburgers and French fries well… trading stocks well… loaning money to qualified borrowers well or by investing in real estate or land well…

    There is old money and new money… if you are not currently overwhelmingly wealthy forget about old money and focus on new money. How is new money made?

    How is new money made without working hard? What is required to make enough money to not have to work too hard for the dollar? Do you need money already to make money without working hard?

    How can you or I make money without working hard and investing a lot of capital or time in education?

    If you could influence every human to give you 1/10 of a penny once a year under my rules you would be wealthy and never work hard... ideas...


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    One could always become an abstract expressionist painter. There are a lot of easy techniques that produce decent looking wall-hangings. Plus, given that I love such art, it'd be doing me a favor to make it more prevalent.
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    I once asked myself that question. The secret I discovered was trailer parks...
  4. My first wife, who was Korean had a plan that is common to create money in Korea... When a Korean person needs a large amount of money and has friends they have a neet trust situation... say you need a thousand dollars tomorrow but you only have one hundred dollars... ten friends get together and each write a number of 2 thru 10 on a piece of paper and then put the papers in a hat and do a drawing... the person needing the thousand gets number one... 2 gets a thousand dollars on month two and 3 a thousand on month three...and so on until all the players get repaid as they contribute 100 dollars a month interest free.

    Later I came into a situation where I could get my home in Korea rent free by paying what they call "Key Money"... I rented a nice home on a contract that was based on trust... the guy owned the house and he offered me the right to live in it as long as I wanted for one payment of one million Won (Korean money) if I stayed there for at least one year that he promised to give back to me in full when I ended the contract... in other words he would use "my money" for a year, or longer and then give it back to me... or, in other words take the interest for the money I deposited for rent. I lived there for almost five years and the guy gave me my million Won back when I left and he had a great big smile on his face. A million Won was about $2,500 at the time in 1970...

    The idea was to make my money work for him instead of working hard himself... He took my capital and made death loans at 40% interest... loans that had to be repaid or he would contract someone to kill the borrower. He made millions over the five years and didn't kill anyone... all was "new money", new money he nor I sweated over and money gladly traded for services of those in need... no tax... no nothing but free rent and free money for the property owner.. I just thought I'd share the thought with you.

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