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How to make a Pumkin Computer


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Staff member
That's great! I'd like to make one just because it looks cool, but I don't think it would be worth all that effort just to have to take it apart a week later because it is starting to rot. ;)

You'd have to preserve it somehow in a wax, or create a duplicate version in a wax mold or something.

Nice find though. :)


Registered Member
that's an excellent find, nightsurfer. i even bookmarked it so i could show it to my friends. lol. i have to agree with andrew that there must be a way to preserve the pumpkin. it may be cool but i wouldn't want a stinking CPU. :)


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That looks entirely cool!! Agreeing with the nasty rot problem, though LOL! I wonder if he's tried any other fruits/vegetables? Seems like one can make a case out of *anything* - I saw where someone used a cardboard box once.