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How to make a cup of tea- or coffee.


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Mostly concerning myself with instant stuff. Granules or bags and that.

Basically, I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to making a brew. A decent hot beverage is made a certain way. You can't just plonk your tea bag and hope for the best. You've gotta nurture it, and tend to it to make the best possible drink. If you're making it for others, you've got to do even better. Impressions on the tea and coffee front are important.
Or so I've been lead to believe in my line of work and similar areas.
And so, I've come to develop a set methodology when it comes to making a cup of tea. It's like a chemistry experiment, a pain-staking ritual that ensures a brew is made that is top notch -

As a result, I often find myself silently scorning those that make me a drink, when they go by a different system.

This is my system:
*Get my cups/mugs/tankards/bowls etc out.
*Put kettle on to boil, making sure there is definitely enough water for the cup(s) I have.
*Milk in first!! - Just a splash for tea, a fair bit for coffee, almost a quarter of the vessel filled with it.
*Put the base of the drink in
-- Coffee, a good portion of it. A tea spoon and a bit.
-- Tea, put the bag in. Make sure it is NOT submerged in the milk. That is a disaster. Even if it's a PG tips pyramid bag.
*Wait for kettle to boil. Water must be poured into the cup as soon as it clicks off. If it clicks off before I've finished adding the milk etc. I Click it back on.
*Only fill so much, so that a bit of milk can be added to regulate the strength of the cuppa.
*Coffee -- Stir it, however. No finesse needed here, just make sure it's properly dissolved.
* Tea -- I prod the bag, and push it back and forth in the cup until the colour is decent. A good brown is what it should be. If someone likes it weak, I'll add milk after. To make it a bit whiter.
*Sugar - It goes in last, with a dry spoon. And must be stirred well.

Worst things you can do with a brew:
Use a spoon you've just made coffee with to prepare a cup of tea. It is a stupid idea. Coffee is strong in general, it will be tasted in the tea concoction and will not be nice. the other way round isn't so bad, but using separate spoons is advised.
Also, using wet spoons to chuck dollops of sugar in the drink is a bad plan. For one, you don't get an accurate measure of the spoon, and it fucks up the sugar pile you got it from.

That is my method.

I'm sure methods differ. Share your tea/coffee making methods.


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I know that you're supposed to put the milk in first with tea that has brewed in a pot, but I've never known anyone to put the milk in and then a tea bag.

I always put the milk in both tea and coffee last, under any circumstances.
Don't actually drink coffee myself (or, very rarely) but I make it all the time for my dad.

Also no sugar pour moi.

And I always use the same spoon for both lol, oops. Though to be fair I'm pretty sure I use it for the tea first, then coffee.
Oh, you want a proper method...

Put the kettle on
Get the mugs and milk out and put the tea bag/coffee in
Sit on the counter and twiddle my thumbs
When the kettle is ready, pour into tea cup first, then coffee mug
Wait again
Push the tea bag to the side of the cup and throw it in the bin
Stir the tea whilst adding milk
Put milk in the coffee and stir
Go hand out to parents/brother
(Brother has sugar)

Think that's it.
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This is how i make tea and im really choosy about it. =)

I put the water on the stove on medium heat.
I sprinkle the right amount of tea into the tea ball. I love Lapsang Souchong!
If im making smoky tea i get the wild honey. if its not then i get the clover honey.
I wait till the water is almost ready to boil then i take it off the stove.
I put the tea ball in and wait till the water looks brown enough.
If its tea with cream i put a small scoop of real vanilla ice cream in the cups.
Then i pour the honey over the ice cream.
then i pour the tea over that and stir it all together. =)

Dads really choosy about coffee and buys green coffee beans and roasts them. I tried that once too but they burned. =(
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still nobody's bitch
I buy whole bean coffee - french roast and hazelnut. I grind them fresh before each cup, usually about 4 parts french roast to one part hazelnut. I use a cone with unbleached filters and make it one cup at a time.


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I buy whole bean coffee - french roast and hazelnut. I grind them fresh before each cup, usually about 4 parts french roast to one part hazelnut. I use a cone with unbleached filters and make it one cup at a time.
Ive had some french roast coffee twice an its really good! =D I havent tried any with hazelnut and im going to try that too.


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My way:

1. Buy some roasted coffee beans
2. Grind the beans together with a little bit of cardamom seeds (most important)
3. In a metal jug boil water (use 1 cup water for every cup coffee and then add one extra cup of water)
4. Once water boils, add sugar to taste (I use 1/2 tea spoon for every cup water)
5. Add 1 large tes spoon coffee for every cup water. BE CAREFULL as coffee WILL boil over. Best method is to hold jug and place on and off over the fire
6. Stir continuosly for 2-3 mintes
7. remove from fire and place immediately on cold surface (this will allow the coffee grind to settle to bottom of jug)
8. Start serving by pouring a bit of coffee froth in each cup then fill with coffee
9. Enjoy​