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How to Keep Clutter (Bad Thoughts) Out of Your Mind


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When I have clutter on my mind, it feels like spider webs and dust:confused:. However, once I start reading and doing things to challenge and exercise my mind, it feels like a factory that has been shut down for so long starting up again. :lol:


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I watch movies or play video games and it always works. For me reading books doesn't work because I will think about my problems and next thing you know, I am up to page 200 and I've no idea what just happened.


During the day I can do things to distract myself, watch movies etc. But at night I find I lay in bed for hours and can't sleep if I can't clear my head. I still haven't found a way to stop that.


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I simply create lists in my head of thoughts I need to have. I visualize the mental to-do list and remove each one as I spend enough time on each subject. As long as I can remember to add each cluttered thought to the list they get addressed. If I forget them it must not have been an important issue. If I have to order the list I apply my morals and experience to decide, very quickly, which is most important to use at that time.

Bad thoughts always end up at the bottom of the list when emotions don't take over.