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How to have fun in Las Vegas without spending money?


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I have the chance to go to Vegas in the near future for very little money (if I am willling to sit through a sales presentation). However, as nice as the idea of a “free” trip to Las Vegas sounds, I realize that even a free trip can add up very quickly—especially in Vegas.

To those we have been, what are some of your favorite free or cheap things to do?

i.e. Is it possible to actually take advantage of a free trip to Vegas and actually keep your trip relatively free?


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Vegas is a city build to separate cash from visitors, so it is not going to be easy. However, there are lots of cheap things, like Buffets and most casinos will bring you free drinks if you are gambling (pop a dollar in a slot every now and then is enough to get you 'free' drinks)

31 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas


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Sleep at casinos/hotel lobby? Buffet. Use hotel pools for fun, I don't remember them looking for my room key card when I used it. At a club, stay close to big drunken crowds who won't notice you're taking a shot from their bottle service. Hahaha