How to get revenge on your parents?


not a plastic bag
It's been 13 years. 13 years since 2006?!? That sounds crazy. Hopefully the guy realises what a douchebag he was.
Hey we are were as teenagers, so it's ok.
They've been f****** pissin me off for the last, oh ten or so years of my life, and I can't take it any more. Every weekend, I've been forced to tag along as they go to church, friend's houses, restaurants, and all I want to do is stay home and actually get a break for once. This Sunday, we were stuck in traffic for four hours since my parents decided to drive all the way down to Oakland, and I have so much homework. So I start telling them we should have left earlier, and they go ranting on how I "was supposed to have done all my homework yesterday, blah, blah, blah."

Guess what? Yesterday, I only had three hours to do anything, and I spent them on the computer. Why? Cause every other day of the week, I'm usually doing homework, and I barely sneak in the Internet. So when I finally get a break on the one day of the week, they drag me to one of their friend's houses, where I spend the whole day staring at the wall (they didn't even have television). And after playing for, yeah, three hours, they go ranting on how I need to get off since I was playing "their PS2" on "their TV." Well, I bought my PS2 with my own hard earned money (well, mostly gifts), and the TV was free. They have no right to say a fuckin word. And half the money I've ever earned/received, they stole it. Why? In their words "Cause we're your parents, so deal with it."

I'm just so fuckin' pissed off right now. I want to get revenge, but I'm not going to do anything brash. I'm just going to take my time. . . :mad:

The ways to get back at them will take a long amount of time. For example, they really want grandkids. Since my sister isn't too fond of them, if my wife isn't either, I'm not going to continue the family line. That'll be torture for them. I am going to be willing to change my last name, if that's what it' s going to take. Another thing would be to have no contact with them at all.

For the rest of high school, I don't intend to do anything. But once college starts (in a couple of years), I have to start thinking.

Any comments? Don't have to be about revenge though.
Tell them you need to have a serious talk with them and just need them to listen.
Let them know that they are stifling you and that you need them to trust you with having more freedom or they will drive you to drink. Remind them that you are doing well in school and have been more than tolerant when they drag you on endless trips to places you don't want to go so you can sit around bored while they have fun with their friends, but you need some time to just be you. Remind them that you only get to be a kid once and the entire process shouldn't seem like a chore.

If that doesn't work, tell them your next priorities will be to get a tattoo, join a gang, and develop a drug habit.