How to get more attention from women

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  1. sunnytokzy

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    1) Dress Well
    As a man, if you dress well, you *will* turn heads. So wheneveryou go out, put on some nice shoes and a pair of nice slacks. Accessorizeyourself with a nice watch (consider it a long term investment) andnecklace. Get a real haircut instead of a buzz cut. (Work it into yourmonthly budget!)
    You have 5 seconds to make a first impression. Don’t let yourclothes let you down!

    2) Surround Yourself With Women
    The more women you have around you, the more other womenwill pay attention to you and be comfortable around you. Consider itautomatic social proof. After all, if you wern’t a cool guy, youwouldn’t be surrounded by women.
    If you have no female friends, now it’s time to get some. Don’tworry if they are not romantically interested in you. Just hang out withthem and meet other women while you are out with them.

    3) Know Something About Everything
    Open up yourself to the world and know a little bit abouteverything. Be an expert in one area or two…and just know enough(even just the basics) for the rest. This way, you can have a conversationabout anything.

    4) Act Indifferent
    If you act like you are in control of your life and don’treally care about what other people think (without being an extremist,of course), women will be drawn to you because they will be curiousabout your world.

    5) Help People
    Always keep an eye out for people (both men and women) whoneed a hand. You will get to put yourself right in front of someonewithout being unnatural about it.

    6) Make people Laugh
    If you can make people laugh, people will be drawn to you.Strangers will look at you and get curious about you when you getyour whole table to laugh at one of your jokes.

    7) Be a Winner
    Be a winner in everything you do. Women love guys who workhard, play hard, and TRY hard. Plus, being a winner will build upyour confidence in the long run.

    8) Work Out Your Butt and Perfect Your Dance Moves
    This may sound shallow, but do a lot of deep squats toworkout your butt. Though your physique isn’t everything, looking goodwill be like icing on the cake.
    Next, learn to dance. Having a nice butt and some hot dancemoves will definitely draw you lots of attention from women on thedance floor
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  2. Impact

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    Yeah, cause women just love a know it all, arrogant well-dressed man who we could confuse for gay because he is a little to well dressed and dances better than us, or for a player cause he has a heap of women surrounding him. :rolleyes:
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  3. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3 I want to rep you so hard!!! Took the words right out of my head!!
  4. Italiano

    Italiano Film Elitist

    Let's break this down shall we?

    I don't wear clothes to impress other people. If I'm going to wear anything it's because I like to wear it plain and simple. I'm not the type of person to accessorize simply because I think it'll get me attention.

    Also... necklace? Last time I checked not many straight men wear necklaces. And working a haircut into my monthly budget? How much do you pay for a haircut?

    Trouble is when it's intimidating by the mere concept of approaching women in the first place or your own feelings get in the way of being friends with them it becomes rather difficult.

    Not to mention I feel like that's a dishonest tactic because it does not sound like you're truly friends. It sounds like you're actually using said person/people to meet other attractive women until you eventually find someone who romantically interests you. Very cheap and conceited.

    Feigning interest in topics of conversation and acquiring knowledge solely for the purpose of gaining the interest of women doesn't hold up in the long scheme of things. It's a very superficial way of chatting up someone and won't go far. Why not actually converse about interests that actually matter to you?

    Funny thing, I actually don't care about what other people think of me. If someone thinks I'm odd or socially unacceptable then the hell with 'em. They can fuck a brick for all I care.

    If you try to act indifferent it's going to come off that way and it can be very obvious. You'll be seen as someone who acts indifferent simply to get attention.

    That's just common courtesy. Again why not practice admirable manners and conduct all the time?

    Or they'll think you're strange and possibly a little off. Not everyone laughs at the same jokes or has the same humor as others. Best to wait and see what someone finds appropriate to laugh at.

    Kinda hard to be a winner when you're confidence is/may be shot. Way I see it, I always work and try hard no matter what the circumstances. I don't do it just in the presence of attractive women.

    I work out to stay in shape not to make my ass look good.

    This is a tip for those who actually enjoy the club scene. I don't do clubs and I don't dance.

    ...You know, in fairness the title of the thread is "how to get more attention from women". Taking that statement literally this criteria might get you attention but probably not the kind you're looking for.

    This list of "improvements" will get you a platonic attraction at best and more likely the type of attraction a woman has for one of her girlfriends.
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  5. Jeru

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    are you saying women like a dumb, non confident, bum, with no coordination, that thinks that the macarena is still the hot dance? :D
  6. Impact

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    No, well speaking for myself, I prefer men who fall about the middle of those categories. None of the extremes...just average
  7. Jeru

    Jeru Registered Member

    Hahaa well that would be the worst way to get noticed. If your right in the middle then your not arrogant enough to receive the eye and your not a good enough dancer to impress the ladies.
  8. renniegade

    renniegade Registered Member

    sorry if this sounds a little cliche but forget about attracting if i a girl likes you then i am sure she will giie some form of symbol, just acting yourself and being comfortble and confident works enough for me,not everything relies on appearance :cool:
  9. Jeru

    Jeru Registered Member

    I think majority of being noticed would be appearance, at least until they got to know you. But im sure if you carry yourself right that will show more then the name brand of your clothes or how much your time piece costs. As long as you dont stink and your teeth are brush im sure you could pick up ladies in your walmart discounts :lol:
  10. renniegade

    renniegade Registered Member

    yeah fo shizzle as the kids say,anyway basic hygine is a must but there is a difference between going out dressed as you normally do and then dressing up to impress which i feel is pretty lame
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