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PC Games How to gain the final 3 Ranks in BF2142


New Member
'How do you obtain the final three ranks in Battlefield 2142?' :confused:

This seems to be a question very few know the answer to.
So here it is:
The final 3 ranks are 'MAJ GEN, LT GEN, and SUPREME COMD'.

1. Supreme Commander

To become supreme commander, you have to accomplish a task that has been set by EA. This task is not given to the gaming community so therefore there is never a known goal - you just have to be lucky.
For example, 'noobish-noob', the first supreme commander, achieved this rank by getting 2142 knife kills. Not much is known about the other Players in the hall of fame - they probably don't even know how they got the rank.
It is a very silly thing for EA to do. All their players try really hard to make it to the top, only to be overtaken by some n00b without a clue. That's REAL fair EA. I'm nowhere near the top, but I know that there are more deserving players out there.

2. Major general and Lieutenant General

An allocated number of slots are given to both these ranks each week. 50 slots to MAJ GEN and 25 slots to LT GEN. These are the people who have achieved the top 75 'in a round' scores (accumulated over a week) in the world. So if you are one of the best 75 players of the world for that week, you are in for a chance.
To achieve either rank, pre-requisites are that you achieve a total weekly 'in a round' score of atleast 3000 and 5000 respectively. You must also have reached the 40th rank (brig gen). You must also keep your K/D ratio above 1.00 and 2.00 (respectively).

So there you have it. Confusing huh? Any opinions? I certainly have mine, but I'll wait to see what you lot have to say about it first...