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How to edit DVD?


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Leena, my friend and daughter to the family I live with wishes to make DVD for her mothers birthday. She has many DVD's of family things she wishes to take only pieces of each DVD and set music over it.

I look for her to find DVD editing program, but only I can find is "free trials", which puts markings over the DVD until you buy the program...

Does anyone know if there is free DVD editing programs?


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The Windows movie maker, I can only use still photo to make them show like movie... Leena has DVD's of her and her family at things she wishes to use highlights from and put to 1 dvd. I do not think Movie maker does this, or maybe I do not understand how it works? lol
Okay, with Windows Movie maker, we try many DVD's and it only will load 16 seconds of a DVD... it can be edited, but we can not get to parts we wish to keep, it is only 1st 16 seconds of video it will allow us to see?

I hate this technical things! HELP!
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In my country the thing that you need to do is giving the dvd to the store (which providing converting or editing video services) than wait for about a week to pick up your dvd which edited as you wishes! :) ~ life is simple, don't make it harder ~ :D