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How to delete your profile at GF?


Registered Member
Does anybody know how you can delete your profile, I tried asking GF via contacts twice, but no answer. Anyone? :-/


AKA Ass-Bandit
By profile, do you mean your account?

If so, user accounts aren't deleted.


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If you mean that you want to delete all of your information so people can't see it then go to "MyGF" and edit your profile options.

Otherwise if you are talking about deleting your actual account it can't be done. (Hybrix does not do this)

Any reason for this?
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For a Free Scotland
Delete your profile information and submit a request to Hybrix for a more formal account deletion.

Beyond that there's nothing else you can do.


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Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! :suicide:


Thanks for your concern Dekzper. But relax. The suicide Smiley was meant to be symbolic for my last post here. While I did intend to delete my GF account, doesn't mean I want to delete myself. ;) If you wonder why I leave GF, I can only say my priorities are unable to comply at this moment. But who knows, I may be back in the future. At least I will still have my account, whether I want to or not. :D
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He's serious about something. We were friends and now he's not in my friends list and his profile page is almost blank.
Omg! I hope he's okay.

If someone can contact him, please do.
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