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How to configure routing in 3Com 3250 Switch??


New Member
I need to configure the 3Com 3250 switch with routing features.
The VLAN´s 1 and 2 are just configured but don´t have communications.

Thanks a lot!


Registered Member
Most of my experience is in Cisco switches, so I’m not quite familiar with 3Com switches, but the general method for configuration should be the same. In order for VLANs to communicate, they have to have a layer-3 device (Router/Layer-3 Switch) as you probably already know.

On a layer-3 switch, you will need to setup an IP interface on each VLAN, and use that IP Address as the default gateway for that VLAN. Keep in mind that in order for devices (computer and default gateway) to communicate, they must be in the same subnet.

On a Cisco router, this is pretty much all you’ll have to do in order to get them to communicate. Cisco (and assumingly all routers) automatically adds directly connected networks to its routing table; you can test by pinging a device across VLANs. Otherwise, you may have to setup a dynamic routing protocol, or static routes manually, which would also be the case if you have multiple routers.

From what I understand from the manual, you can configure an IP Interface by directly clicking on the port in the web interface, and then clicking Setup. The 3COM 3250 manuals can be found here.