how to clear your mind through healthy means

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by tradtke, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. tradtke

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    Lately my favorite thing to clear my mind has been out kayaking. It's pushing me harder this summer because of my end goal and how i clear my mind is to push as hard as I can.
    I like doing things that other people say I can't do. There is something great about acomplishing what people say you can't do.
    There is nothing better than seeing the waves crash over the top of the deck. To watch the bow go up over the waves and come crashing down digging into the next set. Or maybe in calmer water just watching the wake of your own boat as the bow pushing through the fragile water.

  2. jack3456

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    Some outdoor exercise is always the best way to clear one's mind. Just a brisk walk can do wonders when you're feeling a little down.
  3. liza2010

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    I think meditation is also a best way to keep your mind fresh.
  4. Grootseun

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    I started with kayaking last year, but kinda battle with the balancing. After about four times, I mastered it. Agreed! Probably one of the most relaxing sports, even though it is though on your arms and shoulders.

    Why not make it even more interesting: Take your girlfriend kayaking on a Sunday and kayak to the nearest dam island. Take out the picnic basket and have a nice and relaxing picnic :D Damn, I'm hopelessly romantic!

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  6. RJ-Cool

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    Going for a long walk or a nice drive for me sometimes does the trick. However, what works the best for me is listening to music.....yeah! Works every time!

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