how to check old auctions? (more than 3 months old..)


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Hello, i did an auction last year and i'd like to check again what i wrote. Theres anyway to check old auctions?
The auction has not been pulled but it has more than 3 months so it's not visible aparently on ebay.

Theres any way?
The auction was this:
[EBAY]6534356417 [/EBAY]



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They get deleted after so long. You should always save backups of your auctions if you think you'd like to use similar text again.


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Yep, I learned that the hard way too. Backup, backup, backup.

In the olden days, back before the world was born, eBay used to leave them visible a lot longer, but I guess they've just got way too many around to eat up the available space/bandwidth. Too bad though. It used to be very useful to be able to go way back and track an item placed by someone that you were now planning on selling.